Welcome to Tal’Dorei.

A land thrice destroyed, Tal’Dorei is bent under the weight of recent events. Nearly thirty-four years have passed since the Chroma Conclave savaged the kingdom, and the kingdom in turn rose as a republic. Strife, however, was not far behind the defeat of the dragon menace.

A charismatic mage from the Alabaster Lyceum took advantage of the struggling institution’s loss of centuries of lore and began to slowly indoctrinate a host of fellow mages grown nihilistic after the savagery of the Conclave. Some viewed the dragons as a sign that the gods had given up entirely on the fate of the republic, and that it was doomed from the start.

Corruption began to grow in the Lyceum, as well, as its leadership changed hands and the new Headmaster leveraged the debts of the republic to gain political clout. Now, the council of Tal’Dorei is at the mercy of the Lyceum and its funding, and numerous political figures have been pocketed by the school of the arcane.

Magic and untruths mingle in darkened rooms and hidden chambers inside the walls of Emon, while the outer territories suffer from poverty and a malaise that hangs in the skies. An ongoing drought continues to plague the bread baskets of Tal’Dorei, and hope drifts on the smoke of cookfires and in the shadows of eaves along abandoned streets.

Into this, a new cult has risen. Calling themselves the Light Revealed, they promise power, money, and resources to all who join their cause. They grow in the dark forests and blinding-white mountains surrounding Whitestone, and news from that city slows to a trickle…

Eclipse Dawning

alexanderjemison Eclipse dawning banner